Opportunity to Rethink and Adjust for Life AFTER COVID-19

As we merge our way back into life from the COVID 19 quarantine-lifestyle I thought I’d share a resource to help you RE-set up your life in a way that serves you the best. 


I want you to have a few quick and easy guidelines to set you on the path of living your BEST life.

The one filled with less crap and more of the easy good stuff. 


Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements is a quick read that can do just that. It’s written by authors, Tom Rath and Jim Harter, experts in the Gallup Strengths Assessment, specifically StrenghtFinder 2.0. Usually, the identified strengths are applied to career finding and enhancement. This book has that plus more. 


It focuses on five key areas encompassing your whole life that when are tuned up will deliver increased wellness otherwise know as happiness. 


Who doesn’t want a life with more happiness? 

LIVING THE DREAM  I love how it’s written with a casual conversational style It’s brief and to the point. The first half of this short book is ALL the good stuff you want to read, the last half is all the footnotes citing all the science that went into their recommendations. 


I suggest skipping the second half unless you are a sociologist, such as myself, and like to geek out on the data.


As you go through each of the five areas: 


Career Wellbeing, 

Social Wellbeing, 

Financial Wellbeing, 

Physical Wellbeing, and 

Community Wellbeing


you will probably be like me and check off all the things you are doing right and make note of the things you want to do differently.


Turns out, I was doing a lot right. But, there were some surprising suggestions that I could easily add to my life. I know they will bring exponential returns. And I want to spend my efforts doing the things that not only increase my own well being but that of my family, friends, and community too.


As we merge back into life before a pandemic toppled over our wheelbarrow, I suggest you take inventory of your lifestyle and make a few tweaks too.  


When we finally get to be in the company of actual people, I hope you find yourself replying to the casual, “How you doing?” with LIVING THE DREAM and really mean it.