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MissEllie is a proven OBM system specialist that provides
solutions to help your business grow on a strong foundation.


Your Online Business Manager

Are you spending all your time managing the backend of your business instead of growing your business by sitting in the CEO seat?

There’s just not enough TIME IN THE DAY and your revenue is STUCK at the current level!

What if MissEllie told you there IS a way to have enough time to provide great service to your clients AND have time to network and prospect for new clients?

It’s all about the systems and processes in the backend of your business.

MissEllie knows how to figure out what’s missing, how to organize what you have, and give you the direction on what you NEED to get it set up easily.

It’s time to give your business a STRATEGY to position it for growth to the next level and get you back to being the CEO with LESS STRESS to GROW your business.


Vision + Path + Pivot

We get you out of the weeds of the day-to-day hustle to pull back for a big picture view. It’s time to map out what’s working and what’s missing. Get your business running smoothly and with a defined direction. You want to clean up the mess and stop the stress with a clear map for the next 90 days to follow so your business will continue to grow.

No more feeling stuck spinning your wheels.

SOP | Standard Operating Procedure Audit +
Road Map

We start with a full 115-point Systems Audit and add a Strategy Session to develop a plan to organize and implement what your business needs to accomplish over the next 90 days to build a strong foundation to scale or franchise. The focus, standard operational processes needed for continued revenue growth, team building, and creating down time for CEOs.

First 75 SOPs
Done for You

Sit back and relax CEO and OBM. We will work with your team for three months to harvest up to 75 standard operational procedures, SOPs. We get them out of the minds of our team and down on paper. They will be organized for easy reference, leaving you with a solid foundational base to grow your business confidently and with less stress to the next level.

It’s time to check this project OFF the “To Do” List!


Miss Ellie, Your OBM System Specialist


It’s time to get you back to working on, not in, your business.

HeyMissEllie specializes in helping online business owners organize their business operations to succeed!

She fully understands the entrepreneur lifestyle, was born and raised in a small-business family and has created a few of her own along her journey.

It’s HeyMissEllie mission and passion to help business owners grow successful businesses they enjoy as they share their skills and talents to reach financial independence and professional freedom.

It’s time to get you back to being in love with your business and in your zone!

Miss Ellie is your OBM System Specialist
what is an online business manger

Why HeyMissEllie?


  • Bachelors of Business Administration
  • Certified OBM-Online Business Manager
  • iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, Certification
  • The Life Coach School, Diamond Scholar
  • Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner
  • Trained “Virtual Savvy System” VA


HeyMissEllie specializes in helping successful entrepreneurs efficiently run their online businesses through full System Assessments, System Organization and Implementation, Project Management, and Team Management for increased productivity and profitability.

OBM System Specialist

You need the support of an OBM System Specialist because…

  • you want to grow your business.
  • you want to position your business to grow to the next level of revenue.
  • you want a systems specialist to assess and advise how to provide better service to your clients and increase your revenue.
  • you want more freedom to do the work you’re best at.

How to Document an SOP

Discover how to improve your business by getting repetitive operational procedures

out of your team’s heads.

The ONE key critical component to a business failing or succeeding is the quality of the operational foundation a business is built upon.



Olivia R.

Ellie is one of the most positive women I’ve ever had the privilege of speaking with. She’s not afraid to tell you how it is, but she does it with such intent and encouragement that it makes you feel passionate about the change and excited to confront it. She’s also incredibly focused. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially young women. After every single session, I felt energized, understood, heard, and inspired.

Jodi H.

Ellie and I attended IPEC training together for a year and worked together on coaching exercises and participated in groups together. Her friendly, energetic style attracts others towards her. She is an amazing coach with a strong work ethic. Ellie’s energy, humor, and contagious laugh make her extremely enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Ellie Hall.

Shane B.

Ellie is fantastic. We use a variety of productivity apps and programs to stay organized, and she was up to date on everything we could throw at her. She also immediately diagnosed several additional programs that could help us manage our communications more efficiently. Fantastic service!

Sharon W.

Ellie is an extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and pleasant. I would encourage any entrepreneur drowning in the day-to-day operations to consider exploring how she can support your business. She is always up to accept challenges around organizing the operations of any business process you throw at her.

Annette W.

Working with Ellie Hall has transformed my business. We started off with project/virtual assistant work and quickly moved to coaching. Her ability to see the big picture and “get It” meant that even as a VA those tasks were completed with the end in mind. Through this, I learned what long term business strategy looked like and hired her to help me move out of task mode and into CEO mode where I can truly impact the lives of my clients. My vision is to transform the relocation industry and Ellie helps me to chase after that. Thank you Ellie!

Gia G.

I’ve known Ellie for over 10 years. She’s very personable and easy to work with. She has a great ability to see how others can break a goal down into steps to achieve success with whatever project they are working on. Also, I’ve always been impressed by her ability to take immediate action. If something needs to be done, she doesn’t hesitate to tackle it. I would recommend anyone wanting to set and accomplish business or personal goals to work with her!

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