Benefits a Coach Can Provide

Let’s start with the benefits a skilled certified professional coach provides:

Safe Soundingboard to confidentially to download ALL your thoughts about your business and the people you need or need to get out of your way.

Safe space to assess those thoughts with a non-judgemental person. Are your current thoughts serving you or are they just keeping you stuck or worse keeping you in a downward spiral so find it impossible to make a decision to move forward?

Guide you to create thoughts that move you toward achieving your goals. Each person has the answers within they just need to right guide to help them uncover them.

Accountability partner for if and when needed to keep you on track or figure out why you are still blocked toward your progress.

This is the process of learning the skill of Mindset Mastery. It’s the key to success in your business and in your personal life.


What Kind of Coach Do I Need?

A certified coach from a program that is accredited by the ICF, International Coach Federation, is a safe bet and worth the investment. These coaches are trained with specific skills and required to have a certain number of practice hours. Mentors and consultants are other resources you may get help from but let’s look at how they differ.


A mentor, someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish is not a trained coach, can give personal advice of what worked for them.


A consultant is someone who has experience at what you want to do you or what you are currently doing and can give you advice on what they think you should do.


All are very valuable resources when applied to solve a challenging issue. Typically, a mentor or consultant is an expert in their field but may not have been through a coaching certification program that adds mindset management skills to offer their clients.


Here are a few challenges a certified coach, mentor or consultant can help you with:


Sales: teach you how to build relationships, listening, know when to speak and when to listen, understand the human psyche around sales and how to manage your thoughts about being a salesperson


Negotiation Skills: teach you how to maneuver complicated deals between companies knowing when to be aggressive or accomodating, knowing how many people and who to have in the room, understanding the structure of a deal so everyone feels as if they have won


Speaking: how to tell a story, how to deliver it, how to present yourself, understanding how to convert speaking events to profit


Social Media Strategy: knowing which platform for your specific business, developing content, the timing of the content, and setting up processes to provide consistent content that converts to sales


Operations: setting up processes and systems to help run your business more smoothly for greater customer experience satisfaction and free up time for business innovation and growth


Team Building; growing from solo-entrepreneur to entrepreneur means hiring a team. A professional that helps you decided what key positions you need to hire and in what order and what you look for in each addition to your team to successfully scale your business.


Business: some refer to themselves as executive coaches some business coaches they both help you see how personal issues can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

When you work as a solo-entrepreneur there’s no one to keep you on track to do all things you need to get done to make your business work. Having a third-party accountability partner can make all the difference in having a successful business or a failed business.


Additionally, if your business takes off issues can stem from that success as you transition from solo-entrepreneur to managing a team. You may struggle to let go and delegate all the roles you have hired out or even trusting that the people you hired can and will do as good or better of a job than you can yourself.

A certified business coach addresses the mindset of the CEO to address any unknown fears of achieving success or imposter syndrome (feeling like a fraud) or being stuck in paralysis by analysis (keep researching and fail to take action) as well as thoughts around pricing your services.

Many service providers charge too little because they don’t see the value in the services they provide usually this is rooted in mindset.


Life Coaching: Interestingly enough even when your business is thriving you can be struggling with personal or emotional issues that you know are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Ignoring these can greatly get in your way of reaching your full potential in your business and in your personal life. The two, your personal life and business life are fully intertwined.

Managing stress, time-management, relationships, or even feelings of being overwhelmed limit your ability. Certified life or business coaches are trained to walk you through these blocks.

Both business and life coaches understand the concept that our thoughts create our actions or inactions and that is where our results come from in business and in life.

Now What?

Before you hire a coach, mentor or consultant, always ask for a free consultation call to ask questions about their qualifications and process to solve your concerns to get the results you know you can get.

Keep in mind that a mentor or consultant will set the agenda for what you need to do. A skilled coach will hold space and trust that all the answers you need are within you and just need to be unleashed. The greatness is within you; a great coach helps you let it out.

I’m always open for you to hop on a call with me to answer any questions you have about coaching in general or about coaching with me.

I’m confident my experience and skills will be of great value to get you the success you know you deserve.