So Simple Yet So Powerful
Girl! I promise you in 30 minutes you will know AND be reminded of your value on this planet. And some of us will discover our biggest purpose on the planet. This little picture book has few words but chosen so well that it leaves a lasting impact on how you view your life. 

As we launch kids off to college and into the world, we get lost in all the details of the past, present, and future. We forget what we were thinking and feeling at the very beginning of the journey with this tiny human in our arms.

We forget the wonder of what our work as a mom provides to ourselves and to the world. 

Andy Andrews is a genus at reminding us what a person’s and mom’s true value is. As he explains the Butterfly Effect your thinking, NO WAY … this is more of that crazy, woo-woo, spacey, crap. But I challenge you to think that after you read this impactful little picture book.

Right now, it feels like something is ending. You wonder if you did ALL the things to prepare your child. And you may be wondering what you did right or could have done better. 

I’m telling you, what you did or didn’t do was just the way it was supposed to be for your child to make the impact in the world that the world needs.

I know this because I know that you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be thinking about how well you parented your child in the first place.

Besides, you will never really know which nugget of knowledge you imparted will be the game changer in their lives. 

The experiences you had raising your child, good and bad, are what’s prepared them. Your mere presence was the greatest value. Read the book if you really want to be convinced and inspired. 

Now that you’re feeling your value again what’s your next mission?

What’s going to get you out of bed every morning without that groundhog day feeling?

Where are you going, girl?

What’s the next project that’s setting your heart on fire?

Let’s get the clarity to find your blissed out and an exciting new chapter. Grab a Discover Call time for a no-obligation chat with me to see if we are a good partnership. If we are, then I’m happy to do a complimentary mini-session with you.

I am confident there’s so much opportunity for your next 20 years to be as much if not more fulfilling then the last.