How’s the packing for dorm-room life going?

It’s that crazy month of May for college-bound kids and their families. Everyone is partying like it’s 1999 and taking 1000’s of photos to capture the fleeting LAST moments together.

It’s nuts and it’s so fun all at the same time. But you know we have a big sendoff at the end of the summer. And it’s coming at us like a freight train. So, in your spare time (ha ha) you will want to collect these items BEFORE drop off day, trust me.

Prepared moms always sleep a little better. At least, that’s what they tell me.

The Top Ten DON’T FORGET List

1.  Family Passwords List. Many of us have “cut the cable” and have set up streaming services for our families or other online services such as access to the family Google calendar or medical office online appointment setting sites. Don’t forget access to retrieve proof car insurance if they are taking a car to school.

2Amazon Prime Student Account. Amazon has a student account option that is free for the first six months. This is total peace of mind that whatever you may have forgotten or didn’t realize they needed, they can easily order and have delivered, usually in one day. After the six months, the annual fee is only $49 per year. This includes video streaming and other services. One feature I love is the “wish list” where they can put the exact item the “need” or want on a list so that when birthday’s or other gift-giving days roll around … I don’t have to guess.

3Health Insurance Card. This needs to be kept in their wallet or purse on them at all times. Heaven forbid when/if they are in an accident or illness situation. Proof of insurance can make the whole situation go much smoother.  Also, make sure they have their primary care provider in their contact list on their phone. Putting your insurance information on the notes of this contact makes it easy when filling out forms.

4. Apps for Quick Communication. The easier it is to keep in touch the more likely they will do it. We love SnapChat, just a quick photo of even their foot can make you sleep a little better at night. WhatsApp is a great one for texting across all platforms and for creating a family group chat. Lastly, Voxer is so perfect for a quick voice message. You will get so much more information when it’s spoken rather than when it’s thumb-typed. And seriously, who doesn’t want to hear their kid’s voice?

5. First Aid Kit. Having items to take care of the little ailments is a great comfort that will keep them focused and save them the time from hunting them down on campus. Pack items to care for minor cuts, blisters, headaches, allergies, cold symptoms, and a thermometer. Having the number of a local pharmacy in their contact list is another way to make it easy for them to get the health care they need.

6. Business Clothing. While t-shirts and shorts are the core of college attire, there will be times when they need to do a presentation or go on an interview for an internship or a local job. And who knows, they may get invited to a fancy dinner when their friend’s parents are in town. Last minute shopping is stressful so have an outfit ready for these occasions.

7. Personal Bank Account. Most college freshmen are 18 or pretty close to it so it’s time they have their own banking accounts. I suggest setting them up with a savings and a debit card (connected to the Amazon Student account) with a bank that allows them to transfer funds from their savings to their debit card when needed. Also, setting it up so you can transfer funds into their savings online makes it easy to get money to them when needed. A clear system of banking cash flow allows them to start budging practices the will need after graduation.

8. Checks. There will be a few times they may need a paper check to pay for items on campus. Pack a couple of paper checks with them for these emergencies when cash or credit cards are not accepted. It will save you the hassle and expense of overnighting them later.

9. Zipper Bags. Living in the dorm means they will be having most of their meals in the dining hall. Having some zip bags and or small food containers for the items that can get crushed is a great option for them to pack a snack in their backpack when on campus all day. Additionally, the large size is great for packing a wet swimsuit.

10. Weather Wear. For most kids, living on campus will mean they will be walking outside more than they have since they were little kids. They won’t realize that they will need clothing to get across campus in rainy and snowy weather. Pack proper shoes to keep feet and an umbrella to keep them and their book bag dry. Hats and gloves are a must for cold temperatures. We want to be sure they are comfortable walking to class, no excuses for skipping because it’s raining. Sorry kids!

That’s my top 10 items that are not so obvious when packing up kids for college. The drop off day seems to be as hard as the day we dropped them off at kindergarten. It’s a day that signifies, with certainty, a season has ended. It’s also, a day a season has begun. That’s the season I help most moms with.

It’s a new beginning for them and for you.

If you are curious or worried about what that will look like for you or you know it’s going to be a struggle to get out bed once you get home, I’m here for you. It’s my passion to guide moms through this transition to a blissed-out life of their dreams. Really. It can happen for you too.

If you are curious how to get your bliss on, it’s in my guide, How to Prepare for Life When the Kids Move Out so go grab a free copy at