Ready to be the Chill Mom?
Knowing what you are feeling and acknowledging that feeling, not acting on it, just acknowledging it, is the fastest way to get control of your emotions. No one likes going all mamma bear when it isn’t necessary. That’s so embarrassing and STRESSFUL.

Here’s a couple of cheat sheets that will help you figure out what’s going on with your emotions. Once you can identify not only what it is but the root of it, you will able to quickly make an informed decision about what action you want to take.

Go Beyond Basic

In my coaching practice, I’ve discovered that most women struggle with labeling their feelings and occasionally have a hard time controlling them. They feel strongly but the only descriptive words they can come up with when asked how they feel or felt in a situation are the basic:  “good”, “angry”, “happy”, “sad”, etc.

As a coach, I need to know the level and complexity of their anger or happy feeling. But they go blank finding the exact word. The way I have helped them is that I share a couple of charts or cheat sheets that have visual lists of emotions. I personally use these list too.

Why Use A Cheat Sheet

They have not only helped me be a better coach but they also allow for a more specific understanding of the level and complexity of the emotions felt. Feelings are complex.

Never underestimate that, especially for us women. We feel deeply and on many levels as we interact with our multifaceted-world.

Many times you can come up with the feeling but may not understand the root of the feeling. For example, you may be feeling, “numb” which seems neutral but when you look it up you realize is root is “fear”. How would that impact your decision on your situation if you realized you were really feeling fear?

This chart shows the colors of the emotions that help the visual artsy mom.

Another Favorite Cheat Sheet

Here’s a chart found at Burden Bearers Counselling Society of Alberta, that helps with the more analytical mom. It also allows you to see the level or degree of each emotion as well as the root. Just Google “feelings chart” or “feeling words” to find the one the speaks to you.

Up for A Challenge?

Lastly, I’m going to challenge you to print off these charts and keep them handy. It would be super impactful if you could take five minutes each day to identify all the feelings you had on that day. In the least, the next time you feel confused about how you feel, try to find it on one of the charts.

I think you will be surprised by what you discover about yourself and how this knowledge impacts your decision about the action you take.  

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