What’s the Buzz About Life Coaching?
There’s so much buzz about life coaching these days. Some people say it’s useless and some are saying it’s exponentially changing their lives. So, what is it, how does it work and is it for me?

What is Life Coaching

Well, honestly, in the current booming environment of self-improvement anyone can call themselves a “life coach”. Some of these professionals have done extensive independent self-study that qualifies them for the title. But some of these professionals have gone through an accredited training program.

These programs are mostly accredited through the ICF, the International Coaching Federation but not all. Both can be qualified based on their knowledge. But both will need to have a natural gifting and deep desire to be effective at achieving notable and sustained success with their clients.

It’s All About Me

Since I’m a trained social scientist and life-long learner by nature, I decided to go the accredited coaching program route with, iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. My education took almost a year with around 386+ hours of training, peer coaching, and three, three-day, intensive face-to-face coaching weekends. It all wrapped up with an oral exam, that was also intense, to say the least.

What I Received from Certification

I think the hard work is what made celebrating my certification so much fun. I ended up with a toolbox crammed full of techniques and methods to confidently apply to whatever issue my clients bring to me.  My desire is to guide them to success that not only solves the current situation but usually reaches into the future to solve others as they come. And to know that I can accomplish all of this with a phone call, usually, an hour or less a week is mind-blowing and exciting at the same time.

How Life Coaching Works

It’s all about listening to my clients, actively listening, not only to what they say but what they are not saying between the lines.

And then I ask the right questions for clarification so I know which of the tools I’ve learned and mastered to apply to drill down to the core of the thoughts and feelings in my client’s way. And before you know it, whatever the issue, problem, block, or barrier that was in the way seems smaller and therefore surmountable.

All that’s left to do is decide what their next step is to the journey to achieve their biggest goals. It sounds easy but it’s only easy when you know how to do it. It’s not uncommon for a client to pick up on the tools and begin to coach themselves. This can be super exciting because then we can tackle bigger and deeper mindset blocks to accomplish goals that in their past were only pipe dreams.

That’s a bird’s eye view of what life coaching is but who does it actually work for?

Life Coach or Therapists

It only works for people that have a good life but want to take it to the next level to GREAT. If you are struggling with serious issues that are rooted in your past or want to know why things happened, then a professional therapist is what is truly needed to achieve those goals.

Life Coach or Friend/Family Member

People that are honest with themselves that they are ready to make changes and live in the results have better outcomes than people that just want to talk about their issues. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s great to talk out what’s going on in life to get a clear idea of how you feel about your current situation. I just wouldn’t suggest spending the money to pay a trained coach to listen to you. That is a job better suited for a friend. But keep in mind, friends and family chats usually are riddled with their advice, judgment, and sometimes slanted to their own agenda. Life coaches, NEVER judge and NEVER tell you what to do.

Life Coach or Consultant

If you are looking for someone to listen to your problem and then come up with a plan to tell you what to do, that’s a job for a consultant. They get paid to give you instructions on how to do things the way it has worked for them. Life coaches, know and believe that all the answers you need for your unique best life are within YOUR heart and head. All you need to access that is someone that knows how to guide that truth out with you. That is what you are looking for in an amazing life coach.

Who Does This Anyway

Maybe you are thinking, this sounds great but maybe it’s not for me. I’m here to tell you, life coaching has been used by several successful people. They know the power in having a life coach partner with them, to inspire and champion them to living the NEXT LEVEL life they desire.

Who’s Who Using Life Coaching

Oprah Winfrey,

Leonardo DiCaprio,

Serena Williams,

Former President Bill Clinton,

Huge Jackman

and the list goes on and on.

Why Care About Life Coaching

If you care about getting your life to the next level then you may be interested in talking to one. What do you think a life coach could guide you to achieving? Isn’t it worth a try?

Grab one of my free 15 min calls, https://HeyMissEllie.as.me/, and ask me some questions. I know you have some! Let’s do this. I’m ready for you.