College Move-In Day

So much planning has been done.  All the college packing lists and all the dos and dont’s of what you can or should pack for dorm room living have been checked off the lists, loaded up, unloaded and installed. The room looks great!

Their space is all set up for them to be comfortable and have a successful year studying away from home. You did it! Congratulations. 

But, now that’s done and you have given your last hug and kiss goodbye … you cry all the way home or do what I think is a good plan which is to have a mini vacation on the way home to look forward to (cry a little less, maybe). You’re back at home now. You’ve finished unpacking and doing laundry from your mini vacation … then what? 

Most of us (after a good Netflix binge) get restless as time passes by and the reality of having one less person living full-time in the house hits you.

You begin to get the full-on clarity that a big change has happened and it only makes sense for your home to reflect that change. 

I’m not sure if it’s a need to reorganize or a need to have an excuse to just be in our kids’ bedrooms and go through all the leftover artwork, homework and just stuff that a kid acquires over time. 

Whatever it is, most of us need to move stuff around or organize to comfort ourselves.

It’s a nesting thing we moms do, like when we were setting up the nursery before our babies arrive.  It just feels good to get all the stuff in all the right places to be ready for life with them.

This time, it’s time to get ready for life with them a “little less”.  

It shows up as any type of activity such as cleaning out, decluttering, reorganizing or even remodeling a room. Some of us go big and remodel the whole house. Maybe it’s because we have more time to focus on a big project like this or maybe its because we NEED a big project to focus on.  

Whatever it is for you if you want some inspiration to get you started or keep you going, check out my Pinterest pin collection.

I bet you 10 bucks, you will find yourself doing it. And you know what, it’s okay. It’s even a good thing because it shows that you are acknowledging the lifestyle change and you are moving forward to your next chapter.

Give yourself some grace and love. 

Feel the sadness of the chapter ending and the excitement of the chapter beginning. This new chapter is filled with all kinds of goodness like, meeting that someone that makes their heart sing and/or watching them start careers. 

And, if you’re lucky, down the road, meeting a grandchild so you can revisit all the fun stuff you did with your baby back in the day.

Because, you know what, you have raised a child, a great child, and that experience is going to be greatly needed. So you best get your house in order now, good times are just around the corner.