A Mother’s Journey to Joy in the Empty Nest

“We all sat around the backyard fire pit that evening, laughing together like old friends as everyone shared stories of the adventures they’d experienced over the past year. The daylight faded and the firelight illuminated the joy in their sweet faces as I looked around at these people–my–people who I loved more than anything.” -Kami Gilmour

I was inspired and impressed by Kami’s storytelling. My journey started with my desire to become a certified life coach. And it is a culmination of me doing a crap-ton of research on the best way to survive the empty nest combined with mastering coaching skills but we all know it was nothing more than “me-search.” It’s just who I am. When I have a problem or face a roadblock I learn everything I can about it to overcome it.

Top Book for Empty Nest Lifestyle Learning

Along the way, I have read several books on the topic that I’d like to share with you. This one, Release My Grip by Kami Gilmour is in the top 10 that pop up on Amazon regarding empty nest life.

Just as the title suggests, it’s all about her struggle to let herself let go of her three kids as they wrap up high school and go off to college and beyond. It’s a part personal memoir and part how-to kind of a book.

Learn From Those That Go Head of You

She shares personal stories of her experiences with her kid’s journeys from graduating high school to graduating from college from her own as well as their perspectives. It’s these memoirs that are so well written and filled with hope that is the true value of the book.

I was stunned by the detail and depth of her memory of what she was feeling and thinking at each turn. I’m certain she was journaling through this season and realized the power of writing down her thoughts and feelings.

This knowledge is probably what led to the other part of the book having writing prompts and space for the reader to write down their own thoughts.  The absolute key to creating the life you want is getting clarity about the thoughts in your head. Hands down.

Christian Foundation

All of these journaling areas are laced with the most perfect bible verses to ponder as you develop your answers and release your own truth.

It’s a book that you could read through quickly or take your time and journal as you go. I’d even recommend it for a book club of newly empty-nested moms. It would be a fantastic experience with a small group of women to laugh and cry with throughout the process.

If you are unsure the book is for you, it kicks off with an excellent quiz. The questions showed me, this lady knows what she’s talking about. She’s walked the talk.

Big Take Away

“I’ve realized the secret to surviving my kids leaving the nest is to be fully present to support them and look forward to the future through the lens of their life, not backward through the lens of my life.” -Kami Gilmour

Let me know what you think.

I honestly want to hear what your experience is or was with this book. And if you are curious about how I have digested and woven all that I have learned to guild moms, grab one of my quick calls. Click this link, https://HeyMissEllie.as.me. Then you just click the type of call you want. It’s super easy.

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