Transforming GOOD business leaders into GREAT business leaders to unleash their highest potential.

“I believe that wherever there is mastery, coaching is occurring and whenever coaching is done, mastery will be the outcome.” Andrea J. Lee


Things are going good for you right now but you have a feeling that with a little help, they could be going so much better. 

Here’s the good news, I can help you with that 100%. This is what I am trained to do, and I do it all day long for my clients. Once you share with me where you are and where you want to be I will create a step-by-step plan specifically for you. 

It will include me holding space for you to organize your thoughts, teaching you Mindset Mastery Tools, and keeping you focused on your end goal.

All you have to do is show up once a week for an up to 40-minute call or video chat. 

Yes, it’s just that easy. And yes, 1:1 coaching is the quickest way to get results.

You will get breakthrough after breakthrough on the thoughts that have been causing you to play small or holding you stuck in indecision. 

When you are ready to make progress on reaching the goals you know you can have and deserve then we can get started. 

It’s up to you. 

I’m ready, right now

Leadership Attitude Assessment

As a certified Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner, I am able to offer you an assessment tool that accurately reveals your attitudes toward all of life’s situations including the ones in the workplace.

This 70-item, web-based assessment gives you the knowledge you need to improve the way you engage in relationships with others as well as with yourself. 

Most people are surprised to learn how quickly they can make little changes to gain huge strides in improving workplace relationships that lead to greater ability to inspire, motivate, and bring the best out of the people they manage.

The effect is exponential on a business’s ability to succeed.

What’s more, understanding how you approach relationships and situations in your business means you are in control of how you react to them.

Life is about choices and this assessment opens your mind to how you can make choices quickly and easily to get the business success you want and deserve.

Join the 30,000 people who have taken the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and experience increased levels of satisfaction in all areas of your life from work to personal. 

What you have been doing was working for you. But it’s not now. You know it. And you may even know you are struggling to make decisions that you know will grow your business but you find yourself stuck in confusion or you have just lost the confidence that you can perform at the level of your growing business. 

I get that. 

It’s pretty common, too.

I was born into an entrepreneurial family and have had a few businesses of my own, not to mention all the clients I have walked beside resolving these issues.

I’ve seen it all.

And I can get you through these and so many more leadership blocks that will get you out of your own way and build the business you dreamed of when you started it. 


The best news, it’s pretty easy too.

Let me show you how.

Ready to move to the next level?

If you are ready to up your game and move to the next level in your business carer, I would love to get on a 30-minute phone call to see if we are a good match to work together to build your leadership skill set.

Ready to up my Leadership skills

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