You’re a successful business leader and your ready to take it to the NEXT level!

Great leadership is what transforms a mediocre business into an extraordinary business.

Successful leaders know growing their skillset is the key to managing a growing team.

Great leaders build great businesses.

I get it

You started out being great at what you do but then you grew into having people under you to help you and that’s a whole different skill set to be great at.

How are you supposed to figure out how to inspire, motivate and keep an ever-changing team running and run a business?

It’s complicated.

If you don’t feel excited about your business every day you walk into that door, we need to talk.


Ellie Hall

I’m so glad you’re here. Major corporations spend thousands and thousands of dollars on coaching for their top executives. I offer the same world-class professional coaching to small businesses and non-profits as a sociologist and iPEC Certified Leadership Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner.

In case you’re wondering, “Miss Ellie” is a nickname friends, as well as strangers, have always ended up calling me.

I know that the only way we will achieve sustainable and exponential results in improving your leadership skills is for you to consider me a trusted confidant.

You need someone that is trained to listen FULLY to what’s going on with your current leadership situation to guide you to easily make the improvements needed so that doing business feels satisfying and well as productive.

I fully understand this lifestyle as I was born and raised in a family small business as well as creating a few of my own on my journey to where I am now.

With decades of experience, I’ve learned that the ONE key and critical component to a business failing or succeeding is the quality of the leadership running that business.

It’s my mission and passion to help small businesses go from mediocre to extraordinary by coaching leaders with simple techniques that can easily be implemented for exponential results to grow and succeed.

Are you ready? I know I am.


I was at a place in my life where my kids no longer needed me like they did when they were little.  It was time to redefine myself and my purpose.  I tried to set goals and strive to reach them on my own but I kept forgetting my purpose in the process never making much progress.  Ellie helped me to really get down to why redefining myself was important to me.  From here I was able to really move forward and make real progress towards my goals.  Through this process, I changed from the inside out creating the future I want. B. Truby

“Ellie Hall is a masterful coach. She has a kind, gentle, nurturing manner, but she doesn’t shy away from asking the hard questions.  Working with Ellie allowed me to clear away any regrets about the past and design a new life for myself. Both of my children had left for college and I had recently gotten divorced. My nest went from being completely full to completely empty in just a few years, and frankly, I felt like a hot air balloon that was just floating around with no clear direction. Ellie’s program helped me figure out where I wanted to go and design the path, and Ellie held me accountable so that I could get there. I’m living a life that I could never have even dreamed of! I can’t recommend Ellie Hall’s coaching services enough! E. Reed

Ellie specializes in helping good leaders easily become great leaders with mindset mastery so they can easily motivate their teams to increased productivity, employee retention and talent attraction, profitability and job satisfaction.

Through coaching and assessments, Ellie guides business leaders to the end result of increased communication skills, heightened self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, increased clarity of goals and improved relationships in business and life.

Key Accomplishments:
iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, Certification
The Life Coach School, VIP Scholar
Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner
Sociology Professor
Mom to two high-school and college-age kids