The kids are graduating and moving out.

It’s time to REdiscover YOU!

Replace the fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead with feeling confident to survive and thrive the empty nest.

Facing the rollercoaster feelings of an empty nest?

When you prepare yourself you will be in control … it all starts with rediscovering who you are.

I see you

The pit in the bottom of your stomach grows larger as your children prepare to fly away from the nest.

They are getting ready to move on to a new and exciting season in their life, but what will that mean for you?

Do you know what this next season in your life will bring? If you answered “no”, we should talk.


Ellie Hall

Hey, y’all! I’m so glad you’re here. In case you’re wondering, “Miss Ellie” is a nickname friends, as well as strangers, have given me. I know that the only way we will achieve sustainable and exponential results for you is for you to consider me a trusted friend too.

I’ll work hard to be the confidant you have been craving your whole life.  I will keep all of the secret thoughts you have safe as we pull them into the light.

You need someone to listen FULLY to what’s on your heart. I know this because I’ve been in your anxious empty-nester shoes, friend.

But today, I can truly say I’m excited about my life with grown kids, and I can’t wait to help you discover the same joy and freedom that is possible for all moms facing this big transition in motherhood!


I was at a place in my life where my kids no longer needed me like they did when they were little.  It was time to redefine myself and my purpose.  I tried to set goals and strive to reach them on my own but I kept forgetting my purpose in the process never making much progress.  Ellie helped me to really get down to why redefining myself was important to me.  From here I was able to really move forward and make real progress towards my goals.  Through this process, I changed from the inside out creating the future I want. B. Truby

“Ellie Hall is a masterful coach. She has a kind, gentle, nurturing manner, but she doesn’t shy away from asking the hard questions.  Working with Ellie allowed me to clear away any regrets about the past and design a new life for myself. Both of my children had left for college and I had recently gotten divorced. My nest went from being completely full to completely empty in just a few years, and frankly, I felt like a hot air balloon that was just floating around with no clear direction. Ellie’s program helped me figure out where I wanted to go and design the path, and Ellie held me accountable so that I could get there. I’m living a life that I could never have even dreamed of! I can’t recommend Ellie Hall’s coaching services enough! E. Reed

Ellie specializes in helping moms prepare for the often-dreaded season of motherhood when children have grown up and  “leave the nest.”

Through coaching and life view assessments, Ellie helps women turn fear into excitement and joy as they rediscover gifts and passions ready to be developed or that may have been dormant for years. She then helps women discover the most fulfilling way to express and share those gifts with their family and the world around them.