About Ellie

Ellie is certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of North Texas as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech University.

With hundrededs of hours of coaching experience, Ellie guides small business leaders to clarity about their current leadership practices empowering them to make strategic leadership improvements to improve their skills and lead with confidence.

  • Are you getting an uneasy feeling thinking about working on a business you used to love when you started it?
  • Do you read about emotional intelligence and increased awareness and wonder if it really makes a difference in a business? 
  • Are you anxious wondering how you will figure out how to get all the people you are managing being as passionate about your business mission as you are?
  • Concerned about how you are responding to your employees when you are in stressful situations?

All leaders have experienced these.  It’s totally normal.

I’ve been there. Running a business and growing a business. It’s not easy. 

But I have learned a simple way to get control over all of these and more.

And it’s my passion to show you how you can easily overcome all of these issues and more.


We start this adventure by identifying your current leadership gifts, skills, and results that have been creating your success this far. Then we look at what may not be working for you. And lastly, we decide what you can do differently in the future to get the results you really desire.

The end result will positively impact your professionals as well as personal relationships.



Several studies have found that coaching improves business growth and success. As well as:

Increased Job Satisfaction

Increased Productivity

Increased Satisfaction of Working Relationships

Increased Profitability

EASILY transform GOOD leaders into GREAT leaders in business and in life.


TOTALLY!  I’ll guide you through with 1:1 coaching and set weekly goals to move you forward in your redefined awareness of being a great leader on purpose.

No more guessing if you are doing it the most efficient way. You’re going to feel on top of the world living the reinvented leader you will become.


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