About Ellie

As a sociologist and certified mindset coach, I support and guide moms, like you, to feather their approaching empty nest with a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and identity.  Being an empty-nester mom can be a season to be excited about and be celebrated. Together we will discover how to create that celebration mindset for you.
  • Are you getting an uneasy feeling thinking about what life will be like when the kids are gone?
  • Do you have high-school age kids and feel that pit in the bottom of your stomach growing deeper and deeper, as you get closer to becoming an empty-nester mom? 
  • Are you anxious wondering how you will keep yourself busy and fulfilled?
  • Concerned about how, not having kids to be busy with, is going to play out in your relationship with your husband?

I have felt all of these, so I totally get it.

That’s why my passion is preparing moms to be confident and joyful when the often-times-dreaded EMPTY NEST phase of motherhood arrives. 


We start this adventure with discovering your gifts, skills, and purpose that may have been lying dormant during your child-raising years. It could be we reinvent what that is for you or it may just need to be reactivated.  Then we discover the most fulfilling ways for you to express and share your gifts with your family and the world. As you rebuild YOU, it will lessen the heartache of waiting on calls or visits from your kids. Your confidence in life will increase.


This season of motherhood is the perfect opportunity since carpooling, bake sales, sports games and recitals have come to an end. Now, you can use that time to give yourself the gift of rediscovering your identity. And what better time than when your kids are away at school or out in the world discovering themselves?

The time is NOW.

How great would it be to connect with your kids in a new way as you both exchange the excitement of beginning new journeys simultaneously?


TOTALLY! I’ve got you, I’ll guide you through with 1:1 coaching and set weekly goals to move you forward in your redefined empty nest adventure. You’re going to love the reinvented YOU.

Ready to take flight?

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